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Quesos De La Huz starts off 2013 with sights set on exports

Quesos De La Huz starts off 2013 with sights set on exports

With this push, the company aims to get to know its customers better, build a sense of community, learn about the sector and identify new business opportunities.

February 2013

Quesos De La Huz is boosting its presence on social media in order to take advantage of the sales and marketing opportunities available through these tools. The company is now present on Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr.

In November of last year, Quesos De La Huz created its profile on Twitter (@quesosdelahuz), which now has more than 50 followers. This social network is giving the company a fun, friendly way to bridge the gap between its products and consumers, to begin to create a community around them, to share recipes and comments about the company’s cheese on blogs, etc.

With its page on LinkedIn, created in January 2013, Quesos De La Huz aims to establish professional contacts that could help open up new sales and distribution channels for its products.

Finally, the Quesos De La Huz Flickr profile, created in early February 2013, aims to give the company a new showcase for its products, with photo albums of its top Manchego cheese, specialty cheeses and other products. Members of this social network can see, share and comment on these pictures, among other things.

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