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2014, a good year for Quesos De La Huz

2014, a good year for Quesos De La Huz

Growth in exports and all-time sales record fuel exceptional year-end results

February 2015

The 25th anniversary of this La Mancha-based family-run enterprise drew to a close with very positive results. In 2014, exports made up more than 30% of the total turnover of ‘Quesos De La Huz’ and the company also hit an all-time sales record, with more than 10% growth in sales year on year.

The main destinations outside of Spain for the products of this La Mancha cheese maker are the United States, Mexico and Germany. The most exported product is the Manchego Cheese with Protected Designation of Origin, marketed under the brand ‘Don Cayo’.

 ‘Quesos De La Huz’ has increased its share of the Spanish dairy market, according to a sectorial market study, due in large part to exceptional results, posting growth well above that of its competitors.

All of these factors contributed to make 2014 a good year for the company. The company’s priorities for 2015 focus on 3 lines of action: to continue boosting presence in foreign markets, to grow e-commerce, and to foster collaborations with other companies.

Manchego cheese is becoming more and more popular internationally, thanks in large part to the promotion efforts of the Manchego Cheese Denomination of Origin Regulating Council. ‘Quesos De La Huz’ aims to make the most of these circumstances in order to introduce its award-winning Don Cayo cheese in other parts of the world.

Given that several different reports show 2015 may be the year food e-commerce in Spain takes off, ‘Quesos De La Huz’ is strongly committed to this sales channel, where it has been present since 2013.

Regarding the priority of fostering collaboration agreements with other companies and groups, the aims will be to forge links with third parties for mutual benefit and to work on Corporate Social Responsibility. To this end, the company is participating in the “Sponsor an Athlete” project, which supports top athletes in their quest to be at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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