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Quesos De La Huz boosts exports

Quesos De La Huz boosts exports

More than 20% of this La Mancha-based company’s 2013 sales came from abroad

March 2014

Quesos De La Huz closed out 2013 with substantially improved results with regard to exports. The foreign market is helping ease the decreased demand from the Spanish market.

Following the upward trend seen in the export of Spanish products in general, with agrifood making up a record-setting 10% of all exports from Spain according to the Spanish Food and Beverage Industry Federation (FIAB), the La Mancha-based cheesemaker passed the 20% threshold for sales abroad in 2013.

Quesos De La Huz products are now sold in many countries including the United States, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The most popular product beyond our borders is the Manchego Cheese with Protected Designation of Origin, followed by some of the companys specialty cheeses, like cheese ripened in lard or rosemary cheese.

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