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Since 1989, quality is our goal...

DE LA HUZ GRIMALDOS INDUSTRIAS LÁCTEAS S.L., in our desire to improve our products and customer service every day, has launched quality control procedures in all our departments. This allows us to carry out ongoing analyses in order to improve our products and the action protocols at each step of the production chain, facilitating decision-making when faced with any possible anomalies. All of this, with the support, guidance and monitoring of leading Spanish food-safety companies, has led to the implementation of a highly advanced, comprehensive HACCP Protocol that encompasses the whole process, from picking up milk from the dairy to delivering the final product to the customers.

We are currently, once obtained the IFS certification, laying the groundwork to implement, in the near future, measures to comply with ISO and BRC quality standards, which will enable us to tackle the most demanding national and international markets.

Quality Policy

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